Monumental atmosphere

Hotel Augusta was built in the year 1907 and commemorates the name of Augusta Victoria, wife of the German emperor Wilhelm II. The hotel was originally owned by the Heere family. Unlike a large part of IJmuiden, Augusta ‘survived’ WWII. All these years Augusta remained in possession of the Heere family. Their children ran Augusta until John and Monique van Waveren, took over the hotel in 1984. At that time the building was no more than a ruin, awaiting a large reconstruction.

The restaurant part remained original. After several years the adjacent building (now called the Orange Lounge) was added to the program. Current location of the reception, the breakfast room and the Crown Hall, formerly has been a meeting hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Before this religious function, a shop was established called ‘Bisschof’, many elderly locals still remember its origins.

Pleasant setting

Despite all expansions and renovations, nothing has led to detraction from the original, monumental allure of Augusta. The beautiful and elegant restaurant, the cozy hotel and the various rooms and dining rooms are now a pleasant setting for an enjoyable stay in IJmuiden with delicious lunches, surprising dinners and stylish meeting accommodations.


Opening hours brasserie

Tuesday till Saturday
17:00 – 21:00  o’clock

Sunday & Monday